Volunteer as a youth mentor!

Similar to 'Big Brothers Big Sisters", volunteer as a mentor, and develop a meaningful relationship with a young person between the age of 11 - 29. Truly, one good role model can make all the difference in a young person's life.


It means a lot to have a strong, meaningful relationship with a caring adult. It also really helps to have someone to talk to, someone to go out in the community with, someone to go to the gym with, or someone to have a meal with, one on one. 

In this role, you would be expected to meet with your mentee for 1-5 hours a week for a minimum of 6 months, however longer-term, 1+ years, is preferred. If you're interested in this position but want to talk to someone about it first, email zain_ali@ffcnwt.com.

After you sign up, we'll reach out with a few more questions to find out more about your interests and availability to connect you with a youth who has similar interests and availabilities. We'll facilitate the first few meetings, and once you get to know your mentee, you can start spending time with them in the community. Check out some examples of things you can do together:

-volunteer at the SPCA

-go to a show at NACC

-go for a hike, swim, skate, canoe ride, ski, etc.

-read a book together

-go for dinner or have a snack

-attend a hand games tournament

-go to the Arctic Indigenous Wellness Camp

-go to a community workshop together

-go to the gym